What’s the book about?

Stand out from the herdStanding out from the herd

Best selling author Seth Godin said “The current marketing ‘rules’ will ultimately lead to failure. In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.” Flawsome is a bout a trend which is sweeping the business world. It’s a trend companies are using to stand out, engage customers, and be more memorable.

Polarised products

Attracting advocates to spread your message

Realise the immense power of niching and discover how companies with highly polarised products are not only striking up conversations with people who love them, but also those who would typically go out of their way to avoid them. See how, in this changing marketplace, different is not the same as wrong; unpopular is not the same as unsuccessful.

A company that stands for something

Being a company which stands for something

Have you ever worried that if you’re too outspoken, you’ll kill your brand? Well, you might be surprised to know you could be doing more harm than good by not showing what you stand for. If your business doesn’t care about something, your potential market won’t care about your business. Find out how can you effectively weigh the risks and rewards of having an outspoken opinion as a company or brand.

turn kryponite into gold

Turning your Kryptonite into Gold

As business owners we can no longer hide behind a façade of expertly-fabricated perfection. Customers can now discover all aspects – both good and bad – of your business online, whether you like it or not. Discover the secrets to marketing your flaws, and how what you perceive to be your greatest weaknesses, can in fact become your greatest strengths.

Excellent customer service

Delivering excellent customer service every time

What’s excellent customer service? You might say “making a promise and keeping it”, “going beyond the call of duty”, “caring about your customers” etc. The truth is, excellent customer service is exceeding a customer’s expectations. The secret to exceeding expectations starts with setting them. Discover how the world’s fastest growing companies are cleverly setting the expectations of their customers.

Organisational Crisis

What to do in an organisational crisis

Believe it or not, a crisis can actually be one of the best opportunities a business can experience. World renowned author, Zig Ziglar said: “Statistics suggest that when customers complain, business owners and managers ought to get excited about it. The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business.” Discover astounding statistics which reveal the gold mine behind unhappy customers.

Sales Process

A new, easier sales process

While most of us claim we don’t like being sold to, that’s not actually the case. We love it because it means that someone thinks we’re worth selling to. What we don’t like is being interrupted. The difference between a simple request and an obnoxious sales technique is context. Learn 10 strategies you can put in place immediately to change the context of your sales process to make it easier, more fun and efficient.